Some quick lawn tricks for you...


Here are some quick lawn care tricks that just might make your neighbors jealous...

1. Mulching your grass is actually good for your lawn. A large part of the nutrients that your lawn needs can be provided by leaving your grass clippings on the lawn.

2. Raising the organic matter in your lawn by as little as 5% will quadruple the soil’s water holding capacity.

3. Use a slow-release organic fertilizer for your lawn. It breaks down slowly, feeding your grass over a longer period.

4. Most lawns need about 1-inch of water per week to thrive. Water in the morning to prevent disease.

5. Aerate your lawn once a year to reduce thatch and to allow nutrients, air, and water to penetrate deep into the root.

6. For deep roots and a healthier lawn, water your lawn longer, but less often. After watering, check soil moisture with a garden trowel. If it is not wet 4 to 6 inches down — keep watering!

7. Keep your mower blade regularly sharp. This will make mowing easier and also reduce tearing grass blades, which can promote lawn diseases.

If you have any questions about lawn care, let us know. We’re happy to help.